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Trail camera

There is a very marked hierarchy and social positioning amongst the foxes that I don’t really know much about, but I do know that it involves a lot of rolling about on the ground because we capture a lot of it on camera:

Trail camera

This submissive fox is clearly feeding cubs at the moment and so I hope that we can look forward to some fox cubs appearing shortly.

Other noteworthy happenings over the last couple of days is that our 64th bird species made an appearance down at the wild pond yesterday:


Trail camera

A Moorhen.

And today the Kestrel came down for a drink:


Peering at this birds tail, I see that it is barred, rather than slate-grey and plain and that means that this is a female Kestrel and so I hope she notices the TWO Kestrel nest boxes we have about the place. However, it may well be that she nests on the nearby high chalk cliffs and that sounds like a good option for her actually.

Last night the Tawny Owl swung by, although the lens had dew on it resulting in this ghostly image:

Trail camera

And how can I finish without posting yet another photo of the lovely fluff-ball yearling badger whose fur seems to be much more luxuriant than the others. I have such a soft spot for this badger.

Trail camera


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