Oilseed Rape Seeds

We have been putting out a tray of Oilseed Rape seeds recently in the hope that it will cater for some farmland birds that we haven’t been able to attract to the feeders as yet.

The good news is that it doesn’t seem to interest the Magpies and Crows. Its hopeless trying to put out food that they want – they swamp it and devour everything as soon as you walk away.

What has been visiting are Blackbirds, Dunnocks and the occasional Wood pigeon. However it is two species of Dove that we have seen the most. I wonder if there is any chance of Turtle Dove once the return to this country? Not sure if they would ever visit a feeder like this.

Stock Dove
Stock Dove
Collared Dove
Collared Dove

Oh, and there was this as well…..


Comedy feet.

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