The Wonderful World of Mothing

I am in awe of the beauty and variety of the moths that I find in the moth trap. Here are three beauties from this weekend:

White Ermine
White Ermine

A very glamorous moth. It is common and widespread, its caterpillars feeding on nettles and dock. Here is a close up showing its wonderful antennae:


And here is another show-stopping moth:

Pale Tussock

Just look at those furry legs and its another moth with fantastic antennae. This moth is also common, its caterpillars feeding on broad leaved trees and shrubs. Here is a more normal view of it:


And my final moth for now is the Pebble Prominent:

Pebble Prominent

Another striking looking moth and also one with lovely furry legs again. This common moth’s caterpillars feed on Sallow and Willow trees.

So there you have it. The number and variety in the moth trap is building up as the year moves on. Before too long there will be a daunting array in there awaiting my attentions in the mornings. But for now it is nice to have the time to step back and marvel at these under-loved and undervalued creatures.


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