Return of the Surprise Winter Visitor

On 10th of December last year, when it was cold and wintery and all hibernating animals had been curled up for the winter since about October, I found a little slow worm that had woken up and was lingering under one of the reptile squares, about 2 months after we thought we had seen the last one of the year.

A Slow worm that has woken up in the middle of its hibernation

I felt that it could only be bad news that it was up in December – perhaps it was small and underweight and didn’t have enough energy to get through the winter and had woken in a desperate bid to get some food.

I only saw it the once over the winter but this morning was delighted to discover it again under the same square:

The same slow worm – quite distinctive with two black bands near a cut off tail.

It has survived the winter! I am so pleased to see that I was apparently worrying about nothing



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