Preparing for the Winter

Back in the summer, we left about half an acre of meadow uncut to keep flowers for the butterflies, seed heads for the goldfinches and tussocks of grass as shelter for the voles. What we hadn’t considered was that the long grass would also provide bedding for the badgers – we hadn’t thought of it, that is, until we captured these wonderful photos.

It starts with a big rump coming backwards through the hole:


And then the badger continues backwards with rolls of hay stuffed under its chin:



Over the course of four or five days the badger made several trips a night doing this – all captured on film!  It should be all nice and cosy in the sett now for their winter rest – they don’t hibernate but do really slow their activity levels.

While I was looking at all of these badger photos, I noticed what amazing long and powerful claws they have. Look at the claws on these animals:



Those feet are made for digging.


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