Slow worm arrives at last.

There are so few species of reptiles in the UK that it was wonderful to today find a new one for here:


A slow worm asleep under one of the reptile sampling squares.

We also found 5 lizards as we went round looking under them and this nest:


Presume this is a voles nest.

The swallows are gathered and swooping low across the meadows, feeding while they wait for a clement opportunity to travel south across the channel. The only sound is the thundering of the dogs great feet as she tries to chase them all, the stupid animal.

The ivy is in flower and ivy bees are buzzing everywhere in a cloud around them making the most of the bounty they have to offer.

Hawthorn berries, rose hips, sloes, everywhere the hedgerows are dripping with autumn fruitfulness.

Its lovely out there.


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