Red Legged

We have had two Red Legged Partridges living in the meadows for a number of weeks. The dog put them up whenever we went round:


Red legged Partridges are an introduced species – brought in from France in the 1770s as a game bird. The English population is now important though, because the population in Mediterranean Europe has declined greatly.

However, now we seem to just have one bird left:


I sort of want to call him Alan as in Alan Partridge but naming the wildlife doesn’t seem to be the right direction to head in. Anyway, Alan is getting very brave and these days is often out in the open and pecking around under the feeders.

I have searched the web to see if I can find a happy reason for there now to be just one partridge. It seems that the female often makes two nests (which are just scrapes in the ground) and lays eggs in both. Then the female looks after one nest and the male the other. This is very egalitarian of them and I applaud them for this and the fact that its such a good idea to spread out your options when you have an unprotected nest on the ground in a field full of foxes. So perhaps the other partridge is off looking after a nest somewhere.

But talking of foxes, I remember an image we got recently on the trap camera:


Could this be an alternative explanation of what happened to the other one?







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