Easter Projects

The Easter weekend starts tomorrow and some of our kids will be around.

Should they be so inclined, we’ve had some new stuff delivered today that they could help us with:

Two Wren nests

Schwegler use something they call Wood Concrete to make an extensive range of specialised nest boxes. They are very heavy – I think Wood Concrete must be concrete with shredded wood mixed into it. We have bought two Wren boxes which are best hung low in dense vegetation such as ivy – got lots of that.

A Spider Square

This is a bit unnecessary really but its a spider square in which a spider will build its web. The built up corner provides protection for the spider when its waiting for something to happen. Just thought it would be interesting. It comes with pages of information on spiders – all in German.

A Kestrel box

This will be our second Kestrel box to go up in the meadows. Our existing one is wooden, this one is in the heavy wood concrete and getting it up high in a pine tree is going to be challenging. We are planning on putting it in the copse between the two meadows where the Kestrel has been lurking all winter.

An insect house with a difference.

This insect house for solitary wasps and bees has a removable front to it and there are glass tubes behind the holes. So from time to time you can take the front off and see whats going on inside.


The weather forecast for the Easter long weekend is not great – more strong winds as usual – but hopefully we will find an opportunity to get these things sited and installed.

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