Staking out the new hole

Over the course of several weeks a new hole has been being dug at the far end of the second meadow along the cliff edge.

The new hole

Obviously we needed to investigate this further!:

Trap camera set up and pointing at the hole. Peanuts scattered to detain passers-by while they have their picture taken.


We got many images of these two lovely foxes and they seem to be in such beautiful condition. Judging by the fox droppings we find around the place that are rich with fruit stones and pips, they do eat a lot of the berries from the trees and this is most probably what the fox is doing in the background of the top photo.

But where is the badger? I wasn’t sure if badgers hibernated. A quick bit of research on the subject has revealed that they do not hibernate in Britain but do get less active. They go into a state of torpor (which is a wonderful word and one I don’t often come across but which brings to mind trying to get my son up in the mornings to go to school) This torpor can mean that they spend extended time in their burrows when its cold and it was indeed a cold, cold night last night.

So hopefully the badger was tucked up safe and warm in a contented state, but we will be setting the trap camera up again on a mild night in the near future to see if we can catch him out and about.



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