Update on the Twins


Its lovely to see these four badgers all bundling in together. We have the twins, born this year, the mother badger with all four feet on the ground and last years cub climbing over her back. This last years cub has been minding the twins more and more recently as the mother goes off to find food for herself and its wonderful that she  has been allowed to stay around. If she had have been a male, I think she would have been asked to leave last Autumn to find new territory.

The mother has also been taking the twins out with her and here they are at the peanuts last night:

Trail camera

The male is living very close but separate from this little band of badgers and the mother threatens him if he comes near. We have seen him interacting with the twins just once when they were left unattended and he was rough with them – neck biting and dragging them around by the scruff of their necks. But they didn’t complain and subsequently seemed no worse for wear.

Such a privilege to watch this family every night and slowly get to piece together how they are all interacting and work out just exactly what’s going on.




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