The Reawakening

Last weekend was all about the amphibians. The ponds were heaving with frogs and we were counting newts by torchlight.

Now they are all gone and peace and calm is restored to the ponds. However, we see that our reptiles have now woken up:

Viviparous Lizards

Being cold blooded, they need external heat to rise the temperature of their blood before they can get moving. So here they are, curled under the reptile sampling square, trying to warm up.

Slow Worm


Its lovely to see them again but I’m wondering if they have seen the weather forecast because its not at all good for this weekend. We have two days coming of constant 40-50 mph winds and temperatures that are mostly below freezing. Even snow is being predicted.

I hope that these reptiles will be able to crawl back into wherever they have been for  the last few months until this is over and we can start again on Monday.


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