Coin find

We are having a lot of native trees planted next week between the two ponds in the first meadow. Before work starts tomorrow, we took what is probably the last opportunity to run the metal detector over the area to be planted. As before, we found a lot of paraphernalia to do with agriculture and fencing – our finds box is growing with this stuff. However, and very excitingly, we also found a coin:

Apologies for muddy fingers – they have been grubbing about in all the holes we dug.

And the other side of the coin is:


So, three circles on one side and a cross with feet on the end of each spur on the other side. That is, no head of a monarch. Odd – could it be a token or something? It looks like to might be hammered rather than pressed but what do I know.

We have no knowledge of coins but we are in possession of this book which was supplied with the detector:


Its a very thick book but I have now been through every page looking for this coin but cannot find it.

Not sure what our next step is, but its very intriguing. It was found right at the cliff edge, just where we have established there was a footpath running along the cliff for hundreds of years.

Should I ever find out more information about this coin, I will let you know.

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