Badger shots and exploring the cliff.

We currently have this trap camera set on video only, but here are couple of snapshots from its video footage:


Taken at the end of a long and trying night by the looks of it. How has it got that dirty? This badger came up through the hole under the fence and waddled off bedwards.


These two badgers spent a little while grooming each other before setting off across the meadows for the evening.

Today we decided to venture down the cliff a bit to place a camera on one of the many burrows and diggings that pepper it:

Getting over the fence onto the cliff.
Steep and difficult terrain.

We think that the hole it is now trained on is a fox den but we will see what we get when we retrieve it tomorrow. This is a first dipping of a toe into an exploration of the cliff – we would like to get a camera on the badger sett at a respectful distance but that is in quite a forbidding location and we may need to be roped up. This is a project for when we have more confidence.


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