Fox News Update

Got this photo this morning:

IMAG0047 (1)


What is this – a chicken?

Anyway, it is being taken back to feed the cubs because, yes, we have finally seen cubs.

A couple of days ago we got this picture:


I think that must be a cub, although goodness knows whats going on.

But our final irrefutable proof that there are cubs around was the fact that the dog found one with its head caught in the fence:



We had just arrived at the meadows after several days away and so the cub could have been there for some time but it seemed quite feisty so I’m hoping that it hadn’t been there too long. We cut the fence and released it but it stayed for about an hour and was doing a lot of coughing.


I phoned our local wildlife rescue charity, the lovely lady who runs Fur and Feathers in Folkestone and she said that the cub needs to come in to her to be put under observation for a week because they often don’t recover well if there has been a neck ligature like that. So we went out with thick gloves and – well, possibly ridiculously but it was all we could think of – a butterfly net to catch it in. It had gone though by then- hopefully to a happy ending, but who knows.

Next time we will know – but surely there will not be a next time, that has to be a freak thing to have happened, doesn’t it?





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