Hide and Seek

Every night we move the peanuts a couple of metres towards the new hide. In a couple of weeks we should be there. In the meantime we have a camera trained on the peanuts to ensure that the badgers are keeping up with us, and we are enjoying watching their nightly visits


The badger always chases the fox away.

Peanut Cam which moves a couple of metres backwards every night

So is the hide going to be ready for when the peanut pile reaches it? Progress has been slow, but yes, we are ready.


So its all a bit unfinished round the edges and we haven’t installed solar lighting in there yet but we do have comfortable seating and fully functioning hide-style windows.

Currently we are moving the peanut cam up past the new trees that were planted over the winter. These are in the process of having a grass and weed suppressant membrane put down and mulch on top of that to increase their chances of thriving.

The membrane is pinned in place
And mulch put on top.

So in a few weeks we are hoping that we will be comfortably installed in the hide watching the badgers in the moonlight.



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