Big Brother

We now have 5 cameras in action around the meadows and cliffs.

Camera 1: Has been trained on a hole in the fence between the cliffs and the first meadow for many months. It does a brisk business of recording the comings and goings of foxes and badgers every night.

Camera 2: Peanut Cam. This camera is trained on a moving pile of peanuts as each night we move it relentlessly bit by bit up the first meadow towards the new pond and the hide. We have by now covered about half the required distance and still get a badger visit nightly so we are happy that we are not going too fast.

A fox caught on Peanut Cam

Camera 3: This is currently doing duty as Pellet Cam, looking at a fence up by the ant meadow where we found a very feathery pellet a couple of weeks ago. I’m hoping for Owls but getting Magpies! However, also have had this:

Green Woodpecker 

Camera 4: Frog Spawn Cam. Last year all the spawn was eaten by foxes who waded into the pond. We have had fresh spawn laid a week or so ago and I have a camera trained on it to see what happens next.

Camera 5: This camera just went into position this evening. There is another hole in the fence at the far, far end of the second meadow. We have noticed that there is a grass trail leading from the meadows, through the hole and on a track along the cliff – badgers have been dragging new bedding here as well. This hole is 200 metres from the hole where we have had lovely footage on camera 1 of the badgers doing this over the winter. Are these the same badgers? If it is, then surely they are not dragging the bedding all the way back 200 metres to the sett we know about.

So do our badgers have a second home that they also furnish with lovely fresh hay. Or are these completely different badgers at work with their own sett? We hope that we can recognise the pair of badgers that we have been watching for months now and so we should be able to answer some of these questions in the next few days.

I will finish with some more photos from Camera 3, Pellet Cam:






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