It’s Moth Time again!

Last night I dusted off the moth trap and put it out into the meadows overnight. I really like mothing at this time of year because catches are very small and you can feel in control and like you know what you are doing. Later in the year, catches are enormous and can be extraordinarily time consuming to photograph, release and then subsequently trawl through the books identifying. All a bit daunting.

Sorting through the catch on a glorious March morning

So I caught four moths of three different species:

Common Quaker
Hebrew Character

And, the most interesting for me since I had never caught one before:

March Moth

Very distinctive overlapping wings at rest and I can tell you for sure that this is a male because the female March Moths are flightless and have no wings. Therefore you will absolutely not find them attracted to light in traps but they hang around on tree trunks. Here is a image of one from the internet because I have never see one but then perhaps I should spend some time investigating tree trunks and then I will:

1663 March Moth_4
Flightless March Moth female

This is a good start to the mothing year!

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