Time to take stock

Contemplative dog

There is not much going on in the meadows now. Flocks of pigeons, noisy seagulls overhead but things pretty much shut down now as we approach the winter solstice.

Its time to make plans for next year, think about what has worked and what hasn’t and how we should have done some things differently.


Kent Wildlife has sent us a little booklet of study days for the spring and there are many that we would like to go to. I never knew I needed to know more about ground beetles, for instance, until this year. But now I know I should know more and, fortuitously, Kent Wildlife is running the perfect study day to cover such a deficit in ones knowledge. The same can be said for lichens, amphibians and reptiles. We are going to be busy. And this blog might get a bit boring for people who feel that they already know all they need to know about such matters. Anyway, you can always speed read through it, I’ll never know.




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