Autumn arrangement

We have a friend coming to stay this weekend – he’s a knowledgeable birder as well so maybe there will be a chance to progress our 36 species of bird we have spotted from the meadows.

(Incidentally and by way of a conversational cul de sac, we have also spotted things other than birds:

seal (through binoculars on the sea – didn’t find one in the pond!))





Bats (no more detailed identification than that)

Common lizard

Broad bodied, Southern Hawker, Ruddy Darter dragon flies

Red eyed damselflies

One squirrel once spotted fleetingly down by the pond but thats it


So very scarce on squirrels and absolutely not a sign of a hedgehog.)

With this friend visiting this weekend, we toured the meadows this morning with secateurs and collected some autumn-themed foliage to make a couple of arrangements for his room.




They look really good although I felt a bit guilty for removing some of the birds winter food source purely for aesthetic reasons.

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